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About the Artist

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Hi! I'm Ellie Robinson, the face behind Pet Pawtraits.

I set up Pet Pawtraits 4 years ago after I painted my cats for Mum one Christmas, then became inundated with requests to paint your lovely pets!

From an early age I've had a real passion for pets and painting. Growing up in Cheltenham I always had animals around me, particularly cats, dogs and horses, so it was natural for me to use them as subjects for my paintings. The good relationship I have with them has really helped me bring out the character of a pet in my work. There's something about encapsulating an animal on canvas that I just love. 

I now work from my studio in Bristol. Whenever I have the opportunity, I love visiting your gorgeous pets. Either to take their reference photos, or to hand deliver the portrait to you. This is one of the best parts of the job, getting to see your reaction when you open up the portrait for the first time. It brings me such joy as I know how much pets mean to their owners. 

I use acrylic paints for all my portraits as I think it adds a richness to the colour of a pet's coat, and a crisp finish to a final piece. I would describe myself as a perfectionist, so spend hours honing in on what makes your pet truly special. I'm confident I will capture the personality of your wonderful pet, and bring them to life in art form.

I regularly have 'pinch myself' moments that I'm able to do what I love each day, and call it work. I hope to continue doing this for as long as possible!

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